Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Fitting in a Workout

At the height of midterm season, many students seem to be finding themselves with more to do and less time to do it.
We often find ourselves prioritizing school and cutting “extra stuff” just to stay on top of course work. For some of us, the first thing on the chopping-block is that season of a television show we’ve been working on; for others, it’s a night on Richmond Row. I usually find myself cutting my workout out of my daily schedule, opting for a study marathon at Club Weldon instead. I often feel that there just isn’t enough time in my day to make the trek to the gym or to strap on my running shoes and go for a jog. I know that I’m not alone.

But midterm season doesn’t have to be this way! Our workouts and physical health don’t have to suffer!

This week at the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind seminar, we learned how to fit a high intensity workout into our busy schedules. We learned two types of workouts – a boot camp style workout and a specialized workout called Tabata. At first I was skeptical (how can you have a worthwhile workout in fifteen minutes?) but halfway through the class, I was out of breath and feeling the burn. Needless to say, I was shocked when our instructor told us that the amount of time we spent on the workout would cover just fewer than three commercial breaks.

The two workouts we tried operate under high intensity interval-training principles. They consist of bursts of activity with short breaks in-between for a select amount of time. I strongly encourage anyone to try these workouts; neither workout requires any equipment and can be easily slipped into your study schedule. Keeping active during midterm season will actually help you to study more effectively and perform better on your tests and assignments.

The secret is to make exercise a priority. We can’t let time be our excuse any longer. Even if our days seem absolutely packed and we simply can’t fit in the workout (although it’s pretty easy to squeeze in fifteen minutes), we can still make activity-increasing choices. Take the stairs in Weldon, hold a walking meeting, do some yoga stretches for a study break, or forgo the bus in the morning. Any choice that gets you moving is a good choice.

If you would like to learn more about Tabata (the second, specialized workout we tried) you can visit the link below and check-out the first session on YouTube. Don’t forget to include your warm-up and cool-down!

Ryan Walsh,
Health and Wellness Support Service Coordinator

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Nico DiPlacido

Digital Publications Editor at USC Concrete Speech
Currently 3rd year Hon. MIT and proud member of the Varsity Ultimate team. I enjoy physical activity and communications meetings.
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4 thoughts on “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Fitting in a Workout

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  1. Joe, thanks for rednnmiig us of the importance of keeping our why top of mind in order to stick with our daily workout schedule. You’re abosoutely correct, it takes pigheaded discipline and determination to reach our goals. And establishing a daily routine is key to sticking with it .afterall, we’re all creatures of habit. Thanks for the great tips!

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